4 Rookie Mistakes to Prevent in Your House Painting Project

Applying a fresh coat of paint to your home is simply refreshing. Regardless of painting the interior or exterior of your house, there are certain precautions one has to follow to produce appealing results. Here are some common mistakes one should avoid in their painting project, along with important tips to follow from the expert painters in Kingston:


Mistake 1: Lack of Wall Preparation

DIY painters who are so eager to start the project would often forget to do one important thing – preparing the walls that are about to be painted. You should scrape away old and chipping paint, and clean the wall thoroughly.

If it is an exterior wall, remove all the debris as well as the bushes and branches, if any. Even if the walls are clean and ready, expert residential painters in Kingston suggest checking if the surface is of good quality before you begin your painting job. by Regina Painters


Mistake 2: Picking the Wrong Colors

Another big mistake committed by a DIY painter is choosing the wrong paint Color. You might go to the store, find a Color that you like, and order it. But it is only when you begin to apply it on the walls, you would realise that it is not the right kind of color you prefer. You would end up wasting money by purchasing gallons of the wrong paint.

This could be avoided by opting for small paint samples that you could try on a portion of the wall, and see how it looks on both natural and artificial lights, day and night. Samples wouldn’t cost you a fortune, and let you make the right choice. By Tree Removal Brantford


Mistake 3: Deciding to Paint the Ceiling Last

This might not be a significant mistake, yet it is common. The professional painters in Kingston suggest you follow the top-down approach in any painting job. Start working on the ceiling first. If you paint the ceiling last, the drips and splatters will definitely mess with other surfaces that were just painted.


Mistake 4: Using Poor Quality Equipment

Having good painting skills won’t suffice for a perfect painting job. Using good quality equipment such as brushes, for instance, is necessary. High-quality brushes are preferable for the effective application of the paint. Also, ensure that you are using the right painting brush for your project. There are different kinds of brushes that come in various styles and sizes.

These are some of the common mistakes likely to be made by DIY house painters. Perhaps, hiring professional house painters in Kingston is always a good idea, as they have sufficient experience and solid knowledge in painting jobs. They would avoid these mistakes and produce the best results that will satisfy you.

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