Cost to Paint Exterior Windows and Door Frames

How much does it cost to paint exterior windows and door frames?

Painting exterior windows and door frames is something that every homeowner should consider at some point. There are several reasons why homeowners choose to paint their exteriors, such as improving curb appeal or adding value to their homes.

Painting exterior surfaces aren’t cheap. But, painting exterior windows and doors is often cheaper than painting interior walls, especially since they’re usually covered by vinyl siding or aluminum. Sometimes, the cost can be higher than your expectation but there is various factors that control it.

Here is the range of cost:

  • $100 is the minimum cost to paint windows and doors and can go up to $250 per frame.
  • $1600 is the average cost most homeowners spend for windows & doors painting.
  • $1000 for french windows.
  • $1,000 to $3000 for dormers.


Factors that Effect the Cost

Most painters have a fixed rate of painting windows and doors but in some conditions, that cost might not justify the work they do. In that case, they take some factors in consideration to increase or decrease the cost, these factors are:


The weather conditions of where you live have a direct effect on the cost of painting your home’s exterior. If you live in a region with harsh winters, then you would want to consider hiring a professional painter who specializes in working with cold temperatures.

Paint Color

Paint color may affect the price of painting your house. Most homeowners choose neutral colors for their homes. Neutral colors tend to look good in any climate. However, if you prefer bright colors, then they may not work well in your area. You should consider your preferences before choosing paint colors for your home.


If the size of your house is large enough, then it might make sense to hire a larger company to help you out. Larger companies generally charge higher prices than smaller ones. Smaller companies often use less expensive materials and labor, which can lead to lower costs.

Specialty Items

There are many specialty items that need to be considered when painting your home. These items include caulking, special paints, and stains. Caulk is commonly used around windows, door frames, and other places where water can get inside. Stains are used to protect wood surfaces and prevent decay.

Time Frame

Painting your home takes time. Depending on how much work you have to do, it could take weeks or months to finish. When planning your project, you should consider how long it will take to complete.


The type of material used to paint your home will affect its cost. There are two types of materials: latex and oil-based. Latex paints are low maintenance and require no mixing. Oil-based paints, however, are mixed prior to application. Because of this, they require more preparation and attention.


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