How to Decorate a Kitchen

As one of the most important rooms in the house, the kitchen needs to be decorated in a way that’s both aesthetically appealing and practical. It is, after all, a place where many of us spend a great deal of our time. So it’s very important to find the right balance. What follows are a few tips on how to go about decorating a kitchen so that it’s pleasing on the eye while satisfying practical requirements.


Lighting is especially important in a kitchen, considering the kinds of tasks that are performed there. Typically, general kitchen lighting needs to be strong enough to cover the entire area so that additional activities such as homework or socializing with friends receive proper illumination. Then there’s work lighting which should be used to light small areas where tasks such as food preparation and cooking are performed. This often requires a bit more thought.

One option is to use recessed lighting – this can prove very effective at lighting certain areas of a countertop. However, they can cause shadows to be cast upon work areas because of the obstructions which often get in the way such as kitchen cabinetry. This problem is exacerbated because recess lighting tends to be permanent. Track lighting is perhaps a better option and can be adjusted easily to avoid annoying shadows.

The Kitchen Triangle

The kitchen triangle is a technical term which refers to the sink, stove, and refrigerator. This is where most of the action in a kitchen takes place, so careful planning is required to ensure unrestricted access. Make sure to place the sink close to the plumbing facilities and then work outwards. It’s worth noting that irrespective of kitchen layout or size, whether it’s an L-shape or island layout, the legs in a kitchen triangle should be at least ten feet and no greater than twenty-five feet. Layouts which are too small render food preparation cramped and stressful. A layout that’s too large causes the task of food prep to become rather tiring.

What Colour Paint?

White paint is often a popular choice when decorating a kitchen. It has the potential to energize any room and feels clean and fresh. It also allows more flexibility in choosing the colors for kitchen units. However for some, white can seem rather clinical and cold, especially with regards to the hard cold surfaces which often populate modern kitchens. Gray can sometimes prove a better option and isn’t quite as cold as white shades. It can also pair very effectively with a wide range of colors and also works well as a cabinet or countertop color. Lighter shades of blue can also work well, creating a crisp, clean look that’s well-suited to walls, ceilings, and cabinets. But to really warm and brighten up a kitchen, consider using yellow. In addition to its soothing qualities, tests have shown that it can actually increase people’s appetites. For smaller kitchens, yellow is also useful at making space seem bigger.

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