Renovating your house? Here’s where you should start!

As with any large project, when renovating your house you will need to know where to start. Home renovation is really exciting and it can freshen your house up making it look like a new home. Getting started on it straight away can be tempting, but it’s a big undertaking, but as with almost anything, a good plan will help you more than you can imagine. There are many aspects to renovation that need thinking about, but first and foremost; get approval from your local council if it’s a larger scale job. If you’re unsure whether your renovation job needs council approval, check with your local council’s website and get in contact with them.



Once you’re satisfied with the legality of your project, it’s time to work. Or at least plan a little more, and you will need to work out your budget. Sorting your finances and setting a budget is a good idea, as it will allow you to focus on more important areas of the project. It’s very easy to accidentally spend more money than you need to on something simple. There may be a set of door handles you love or a faucet that looks pretty, but the price isn’t always worth the looks. You will need to take into account the bigger picture when purchasing materials. Things to consider when doing major renovations are the costs of new materials, and whether you’re going to hire contractors to work on the house for demolishing tiling, and painting.

Clean up and keep kids and pets away

Before you go breaking down any walls or ripping up tiles you will need to clean up first. Seems like an obvious step but it can be a serious safety hazard if you haven’t cleared the room out of any obstacles. Barricade or delineate the area so children and pets can’t get access to the work area, as the tools and materials being used can be hazardous for them, anything as small as a loose screw or nail on the floor can be a hazard. Having a clear workspace is the best way to ensure safety, and make work easier for yourself or your contractor.


Materials, and checking what to buy

Frank from Painters Surrey – Interior and Exterior Painting Surrey says “Checking what materials you will need by getting advice from experts in the respective fields can go a long way in helping you on your home renovation project. The new materials you buy are the heart of the job, without them nothing would be done. Making sure your new home improvement will look exactly the way you want it to be should be your priority, but sometimes that wall paint color or tile doesn’t quite look as good in person as you thought. Consider buying some sample pieces of different styles and colors you like so you can get a better understanding of what the finished project will look like.”

Order of work

Understanding what order to do renovations will save you a lot of trouble and pain. Taking your time when working is always essential in doing the job safely and well. There is a recommended order of work when renovating your house, and knowing where to start will get you underway in no time. If you’re getting a professional to work on your home, run your plan past them so you have an idea of what extra materials you may need that you may have overlooked. You’re doing a kitchen renovation, for example, removing old cabinets and any rubble until the room is clear will give you and any professional working there the best possible space they can have to do the job safely and properly. Then sketch in where you want your wall sockets, new walls, tiles, etc to go.

Typically when renovating, starting from the top and working your way down is the best way to do it:

  • Start with the walls and ceilings, and install gyprock if required.
  • Move onto the doors and windows next, following by installing the cabinets and benches for any sinks or kitchen appliances.
  • Painting comes next, making sure this is complete before starting with flooring and tiling.
  • Get the plumber and electrician to install the appliances correctly
  • Then finally, finish up with installing the cabinet doors and handles.

Get a professional to do it

Perhaps breaking apart your bathroom or kitchen is an exciting job, but when it comes to tiling or painting in larger projects it may be a good idea to get a professional to do it. No dodgy jobs will do for your home. Your new renovation project will most likely need a new paint job, as the old paint may be ruined from demolishing the room by scrapes or scuffs from moving objects and tearing things apart. Getting a professional painter or painting contractor on board for your renovation projects assures the best outcome and will leave your home looking perfect.

Here, we offer free quotes for all your residential painting service needs. We will give you the right advice and help with color choices, and what paint type you need for the specific room. Picking the right paint type ensures it will last for as many years as possible.

Hiring a professional residential painting company, it will ensure your paint job is done professionally and properly. You may find that you don’t have all the required tools for a paint job and will be letting yourself down by spending too much money on tools you won’t need in the future. We have some of the best painters in Kingston, who have years of experience in the industry, ensuring that the job will be top quality.

Get in contact with a professional painter
So, now you will have more of an understanding when renovating your house and where to start. If you still have any concerns or issues it’s best to get in contact with the professionals directly. Remember, here at Painters Kingston we offer free quotes and will help you get underway with your home renovation.