Tips towards Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets Effectively

If there is one thing people should know about refinishing kitchen cabinets, it is the fact that it is actually more time-consuming than it is difficult. In fact, once you get to start refinishing your kitchen cabinets, you just might be surprised at how easy its do-it-yourself steps would be. The only thing that would most likely surprise you is how the endeavor can eat so much of your time. However, this does not mean you cannot conserve time when going about this domestic challenge at all. Here are certain things you should remember.

Firstly, since refinishing kitchen cabinets can take a lot of time, then make just one trip to your home improvement store to purchase all the materials you will need. To do this, come up with an extensive list of all the materials and supplies you plan to buy, and make sure you do not miss anything. You might want to include varnish, stain, rough and fine grit sandpaper, tack cloths, foam brushes, palm sanders, plastic, steel wool, and varnish remover on your list.

Secondly, you need to make sure that the investment you are about to make is a worthy one. It really does not make any sense to go through all this trouble refinishing kitchen cabinets just to end up with finishes that will not support or hold up after just a year or two. As expensive as this endeavor can be, purchasing high-quality materials will definitely make your investment a worthy one. Plus, there is also the fact that aside from bathroom cabinets, kitchen cabinets would probably be the ones frequently handled in the house, thereby making it prone to a lot of wear and tear. The wise thing to do here then is to save up before you even consider refinishing your kitchen cabinets.

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Thirdly, do not purchase varnish and stain products that are on sale. As mentioned above, your materials should be of high quality, and varnish and stain products can actually get old. If you come across with varnish that comes with a thick substance on its top, this is a clear indication that that particular product has been on the shelves for quite a while now. Avoid going for that products, if you want to refinish your cabinets efficiently.

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Fourthly, make sure to sand all of your wood using rough-grit sandpaper. You should use this type of sandpaper first because it can greatly help in the removal of your finish. Once you are done with rough-grit, you can then use fine-grit to smoothen your wood, thereby making it ready for staining. Excessive deep sanding can lead to valleys and peaks at the front portions of your cupboards. Make sure to sand the whole surface first and then apply wood filler to compensate for the scratches.

Lastly, use varnish remover and hand sanding when dealing with spaces that your palm sander cannot reach or fit into. You need to do this to ensure that all of your old finish is removed before you apply new stain. This way, you will not produce areas that would stand out from the rest of your surface.

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