There is a lot of excitement in the process of exterior painting, with new colors and fresh life breathed into the outside of your home. However, no one wants to repaint their home exterior more than is necessary. So, how often do you need to paint the exterior of your house here in the Kingston area?

Exterior house paint usually lasts about 5 to 8 years, but there are many factors that shorten or lengthen the life of your paint. Of course, the weather is a big one, and this will vary from year to year, as well as with where you live. But there are other things you can do to help your exterior paint last longer in Kingston, AB.

Three Factors that Decrease the Time that Your Exterior Paint Will Last

Deteriorated Paint Underneath – If the current coat of exterior was applied over already failing paint, then it will not last nearly as long. It will start peeling and cracking much more quickly, so try to avoid this.

Insufficient Surface Preparation – If dirt and other contaminants were not removed, or if your wall wasn’t cleaned or primed before painting, the paint will deteriorate much faster.

Dry Rot – If your wood has dry rot or is deteriorating in some other way, then the paint’s lifespan will be significantly decreased.

Things You Can Do to Help Your Exterior Paint Last:

Multiple Coats of Paint – If you apply more than one coat of paint, then it will last much longer. This is slightly more work and expense at the time of application, but nothing compared to having to repaint your whole house sooner.

High-Quality Paint – This is simple, but if you just use high-quality paint, it will last longer and look better. Better paint costs more, but in the scope of your whole project, the longer lifespan will be worth it.

Maintenance – If you do a small amount of yearly maintenance, you can get several more years out of a paint job:

  • Wash the siding every year or two
  • Trim bushes to allow airflow around the house
  • Touch up small exterior paint areas that wear out sooner
  • Refresh window and door caulking as necessary

Call Painters Kingston – The easiest and surest way to make sure your exterior paint gives maximal performance is to hire Painters Kingston to do the job! We emphasize surface preparation, use high-quality paint, apply as many coats as necessary, and we can take care of any needed projects in order to paint. Our services include kitchen cabinet painting and refinishingpopcorn ceiling removal and repairinterior painting, and exterior painting. You can call us at (613) 696-8534 to schedule a free estimate.