Determine if you should replace or reface your kitchen cabinets!

As you look around your kitchen, do you notice that your cabinets are starting to look worn or outdated? Age is just one of the reasons why you might consider replacing your kitchen and bathroom cabinets. But before you rip them from their hinges, consider resurfacing and finishing them! This is a great (and under appreciated) way of reviving your entire space on a dime!

Cabinet finishes are a great way to personalize your kitchen! Check out how you can update your cabinets:

Knobs and pulls: These handy features are more than a means to open cabinetry. Along with hinges, they’re integral decorative elements. When selecting knobs and pulls, determine if these elements will serve as an accent or blend in with surrounding cabinetry.

Accessories: Whether you’re installing new cabinetry or upgrading, you’ll want to check out what storage and organization options best suit you. Perhaps you want to upgrade to a lazy Susan or utensil dividers, or perhaps you wouldn’t change the layout at all – just the finish!

Lighting: As always, effective illumination increases productivity and brightens any space. Puck lights, fluorescent strips, and decorative cabinet lighting are available to upgrade your kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

Finishes: From dark wood to coffee glazes to colored tints, finishing your cabinets will lift any room!

Types of Finishes

The first choice to make is whether to go with matte, glossy or semi-gloss. This is completely your personal style! Your choice should also include whether to reflect or contrast the finish of your kitchen wall paint here. Once you’ve decided on the finish style, you can explore whether paint or stain is best for you. Stains now come in a variety of colors, but wood grain will more or less always show through when using stain, whereas paints will disguise the grain.

Are you stuck on what finish to choose for your kitchen and bathroom cabinets? Let the professionals step in to transform your home’s paint from dull to dashing! Contact Painters Kingston for all of your kitchen cabinets painting  in Kingston.